inSync Court Clerical

inSync Litigation Support has provided court clerical services since 1940, originally under the American Clerical Service name. For decades, American Clerical has been a leading document filing and retrieval company in New York City.

inSync Court Clerical’s dedicated court service team is staffed by experienced individuals and services every court, every day. inSync’s daily “in-court” capabilities extend throughout New York state from the five boroughs of New York City to the corner of New York in Buffalo, through the Southern Tier (Elmira), across Rochester, Syracuse, Ithaca, Utica, the Capital Region (including Albany and the Secretary of State) and north to Plattsburgh and up to the Canadian border. inSync also completes court filings in New Jersey and throughout the United States.

inSync’s integrated services save you time, money and remove the complexity of working with multiple litigation support vendors. One easy handoff to us and we do it all.

inSync Court Clerical capabilities include:

  • e-Filing
  • Purchasing index numbers and requests for judicial interventions (RJIs)
  • Clerical filings in federal, family, criminal, surrogates and bankruptcy courts
  • Calendar calls
  • Filing motions, notices, stipulations, orders to show cause (OSC), summons, complaints, affidavits
  • So-ordering
  • Case tracking for appearances, judgments
  • Processing judgments, transcripts, exemplifications
  • Fee payment, and for approved clients “fee advance” services
  • Deed recording
  • Document retrieval, including for decisions and orders
  • Copying documents of all types
  • Special items, including those requiring “walkthrough attention”
  • Traveling notary public service

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