inSync Customized Services

inSync Customized Services works with clients who have needs that are specific to their firms’ operations or for a case that is outside the norm. From customizing a report validating 50,000 judgments at once, to setting up a specific type of inter-company data exchange, the inSync Customized Services team will create the right solution for your needs. Past and ongoing projects include:

  • Research service: Working together with our affiliate eLaw and utilizing our joint access to multiple court databases and advanced statistical analysis tools, we developed reports validating thousands of judgments in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually—and with 100% accuracy.
  • Data Exchange: We electronically exchange summons and complaint files with high-volume clients through a custom-built data transfer system that also returns completed affidavits of service directly into their case management system.
  • eLaw bundling: inSync in partnership with eLaw can automatically add your case to eWatch, eLaw’s automated case monitoring product, after the index number is purchased for all court information tracking.
  • Stake-Out Service: When a defendant has been hard to serve, call inSync to set up a stake-out serve with as many experienced process servers as necessary to get the job done. We’ve served many evasive and high-profile defendants quickly and professionally.
  • Bulk e-Filing: When you need a large number of items e-Filed fast, call us.

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