inSync Investigations

Private investigation services are provided exclusively through inSync’s partner Target Research & Investigation Corporation.

Target President Harlin Parker has been working with premier law firms, public and private companies, and government agencies for more than 30 years. Target is licensed in New York (Department of State license No. 11000121330) and in New Jersey.

Target Research specializes in the following:

  • Pre-litigation and Litigation Support Research:
    • Ascertain proper legal names, structure and location of potential defendants
    • Identify if potential defendants have history of judgments and/or liens
    • Determine ownership, assets and additional business affiliations
    • Perform background research on all parties and witnesses
  • Business Due Diligence and Partnership Disputes:
    • Conduct all required due diligence for pending business formations, joint ventures or hiring of key personnel
  • Estate Settlement:
    • Identify and locate heirs, legatees and witnesses
    • Perform research associated with elder abuse concerns
  • Background Checks:
    • Execute background checks from simple identity verification to in-depth key personnel vetting
  • Surveillance:
    • Perform on-site and in-motion surveillance services by retired law enforcement officers specifically trained and experienced in this work
  • Asset Searches:
    • Conduct research within requirements of Graham/Leach/Bliley and all federal laws regarding real property, personal property, business interests, bank and brokerage accounts

Contact Information
Contact your inSync Client Support Team for an introduction or mention inSync when you phone Target directly at (212) 227-9600.

All fees for investigative services are invoiced directly by Target Research. inSync Litigation Support may or may not participate, on a case-by-case basis, as a referral partner in the fees paid to Target. Also, Target and inSync may share certain client information pertinent to the engagement to facilitate the invoice and payment processes.

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