inSync e-Filing

inSync Litigation Support does more e-Filing in New York than any other agency and is an expert in some of the hidden complexities of the New York State Courts Electronic Filing (NYSCEF), including required hard-copy submissions, file requirements and correct submission of exhibit files.

There are over 50 e-filing forms listed on the NYSCEF Web site: https://iapps.courts. Some of these forms can be used in all counties, some are classified as mandatory, others are specific to court of claims, surrogate, Westchester County, etc.

NYSCEF’s e-filing system is so complex that it offers a training system.

inSync e-Filing easily conducts the electronic filing on your behalf and removes the “which e-forms do I need to complete?” and “how much training time do I need?” so you can focus on a winning litigation strategy.

inSync e-Filing eliminates the additional confusion and frustration of daily court filings and ensures the peace of mind that your documents are filed properly.

inSync e-Filing has electronically filed thousands of documents—from index numbers to request for judicial interventions (RJI) and affidavits of service (AOS). We can set up and take care of registration and agent authorization for every attorney in your office that is an attorney of record.

inSync e-Filing provides full service scanning, quality control, secure online document control, expert document assembly, and delivery of courtesy copies to judges or other required hard-copy submission. .

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